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Equipment Classes

Its SUMMER TIME! Let's go play outside!

The studio will be open Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday for the months of July and August.  Our summer schedule will be up end of June

Also our memberships will be paused for the months of July and August

“Pilates is complete coordination of body, mind and spirit.”
Joseph Pilates

Pilates at Flex Wellness

Experience the intelligence, fun, and genius of the Pilates Method in our Flex Wellness Studio.

If you are new to Pilates, have specific training goals, or abilities that limit your movement we recommend starting with a private Equipment Class. The equipment provides structured, intentional support of movement and teaches proper form that will set you up for success with Pilates.

The group equipment classes are a great way to experience and enjoy the Pilates method in a group setting.

Private Equipment Classes

50 min.

Available: Mon/Tue: 11:30am, 12:30pm and Wed: 1:00pm and Thur: 1:30pm

1 Person (Private)
Join me for a one on one Pilates Session where you will be taught on all apparatuses how to support your movement and become aware of your powerhouse.
12+ y/o
Age does not matter with Pilates. You are only as old as you feel so let Pilates help you stay young by feeling young. For youth ages 12-18 we do ask the parent to read, understand and sign our waiver and intake form with your child.


* Prices do not include GST

Group Equipment Classes (Beginner and Intermediate)

50 min.

Available: Beginner Mon/Tue: 9:30am and Wed: 12:00pm and Thur: 12:30pm

50 min.

Available: Intermediate Mon/Tues: 10:30am and Wed: 11:00am and Thur: 11:30am

3 People

Try our Group Equipment Classes.  Choose from Reform, Tower or Chair workouts or try a melody of all 3!

12+ y/o
Age does not matter with Pilates. You are only as old as you feel so let Pilates help you stay young by feeling young. For youth ages 12-18 we do ask the parent to read, understand and sign our waiver and intake form with your child.


* Prices do not include GST
Good to Know

Frequently Asked Questions

New to Pilates and want to Join?

Pilates IS for everyone, and no experience is needed. The first step towards flexibility, strength and wellness entails a postural assessment (an initial assessment) to address injuries, determine areas of weakness or pain and immobility as well as asymmetries in your body (for example: what side are you strong on and what side are you tight on and what are your body mechanical tendencies, etc.). It is a private one on one session where I introduce you to the Pilates studio, the equipment, and begin your journey into the fundamentals of Pilates.

I recommend starting with a couple of private sessions while you learn the Pilates Method and we work towards your goals. Once you feel comfortable with the equipment I would encourage you to jump in on a group class.

Check out our Packages and Memberships above where you get more bang for your buck!

Please Note: All new Flex Wellness students will need to complete their Intake Form and Waiver prior to Arrival. (Please note this intake and waiver form need only be completed one time)

Not new to Pilates but new to my studio?

I would encourage you to start with a private session including an initial assessment so that we may get to know each other, discuss your goals and concerns of any prior or current injuries or immobility issues. Working with injuries or chronic pain, I can tailor your exercises to help meet your goals.

From there you can stick with private sessions or you can dive in with group classes.

Check out our Packages and Memberships above where you get more bang for your buck!

Please Note: All new Flex Wellness students will need to complete their Intake Form and Waiver prior to Arrival. (Please note this intake and waiver form need only be completed one time)

How to schedule with me?

Book your pilates lessons online using the book now buttons above, or call the studio at 250-640-6302 and we can schedule a time that works for you.

Who is Pilates for?
Pilates is for EVERYONE and at any ABILITY and any AGE! Pilates helps to create strength from your powerhouse within (Your Core ;) and helps to develop an understanding and awareness between your body and your mind. It helps to prevent injury as well as to reduce pain from previous injuries.
Can I do Pilates if I’m injured, in pain or out of shape?
Of course! So long as you have been cleared by your Doctor! Pilates was developed initially as a rehabilitative method focusing on proper body alignment, correcting muscle imbalances and maintaining synergy throughout the body.
What do I need to bring to my lesson?

Loose fitting and / or flexible clothing to exercise in. No shoes necessary. Or if you prefer shoes please have them only as indoor shoes (no out door shoes allowed past the upstairs studio door). We do encourage grippy socks or barefeet during lessons.

Please also bring with you a reusable water container and your choice of a towel during those higher energy output holds. We do have water on site if you need a refill. Our facilities have in studio change rooms and out of studio (down the hallway) washrooms. (Sorry no shower facilities).

What is Pilates? What are the Benefits? Why should you give Pilates a try?

Pilates provides a fundamental focus on movement, and some would call it intelligent movement.

Pilates is a low impact exercising regime that emphasises core strengthening technics by targeting, now get this, your whole body ;). It focuses on slow precise movements while using your breath for control and mindfulness. Pilates has a stigma for some thinking it works the abs (your stomach muscle group). However, most people don’t seem to realize that the core is not just your abs, but your entire trunk; it is your hips, your inner and outer thighs, and your back. Working these areas, which in the Pilates world is considered your foundation, and becoming mindful of your body awareness will help propagate re-alignment and newfound strength and flexibility to the rest of your body.

By practicing Pilates over time your awareness and strength will improve your posture and decrease body pain. You’ll find yourself moving better and more efficiently in your daily tasks; whether that be puttering around the house, chasing after kids, exploring the outdoors, working out in the gym, or just basic living, Pilates is meant for it all. It is an exercise program for functional movement.

Pilates Terminology and how a Pilates Instructor can help you!

Pilates teaches you about your powerhouse and that it is the center of your body where all your power and stability come from to execute any movement. “Lift up one vertebra at a time.” This helps you realize there are joints between every vertebra and that each joint is meant to move with purpose, with strength, with support, with flexibility! This cue helps you peel your upper body up while focusing on holding your upper body with support. Other cues are there to help lengthen, make space, encourage supportive strength. “Hold your head in your hands” to help lengthen your neck or “tuck your chin as you roll up” to help initiate deep abdominal muscles or “slide your shoulders down and back” to help open your chest and lengthen your back.

These cues are techniques, they are not secrets! These are everyday cues that may help one find space and ease in their movements. Cues in partnership with a helpful like-minded teacher, can bring focus back into your movements and help you concentrate in the movement, help you control the correct movement, help you breathe through the movement. Pilates can be performed with or without equipment. They are called Mat Classes and Equipment Classes, respectively.

Pilates Equipment and Class Types

Mat Classes:

Pilates Mat Classes are typically done with Pilates-specific Mats - rigid mats that consist of 2 inches of foam cushion and may include a strap at the end for your feet. Yoga mats can be used in a pinch if care is taken. Pilates Mats provide extra support for some of the foundational Pilates movement exercises like “rolling like a ball, open leg rocker, roll ups etc.). Mat classes may also incorporate Pilates props like the Magic Circle and the Foam Roller.

Equipment Classes:

Pilates Equipment Classes provide lessons on the traditional equipment invented by Joseph Pilates; the Reformer, the Chair, and the Tower.

The Reformer is a low table like machine with a sliding platform (carriage) which is attached at the foot of the reformer by springs for resistance. The carriage is moved by pressing on a stationary foot bar or pulling on straps that run through pulleys at the head of the reformer.

The Chair, as the name implies, is a short wooden box padded for sitting or laying on the top. On one side a paddle is attached by hinges and supported by springs connected to the undercarriage of the chair for resistance. The paddle is manipulated by the feet or hands depending on the exercise.

The Tower is the shorter version of the traditional Cadillac. It is essentially a low-lying bed with a metal frame canopy at one end. Springs are attached to the metal frame to provide resistance-based exercises as well as support-based training.

Where did Pilates Originate?

Pilates was started by Joseph Pilates (1883 – 1967), a German athlete, a movement specialist, a philanthropist and an entrepreneur. By surviving the Great Wars in Britain and helping injured soldiers rehabilitate, he invented equipment using springs and pully systems to help with resistance-based exercises in a supportive way.

Joseph's exercises were designed to be done mainly while laying down to help students focus on the exercise task at hand. Reducing gravity and lowering the stress to the heart was a key focus in his exercising regime which helped bring awareness to certain body parts while teaching control of limbs and using breath to guide each action.

Originally, Joseph called his exercising regime “Contrology”. With his passing, his followers and students continued with his practice teaching others and dedicating the lessons in his name: Pilates.

The principles of Pilates are centered around breath, concentration, centering, control, precision, and flow. According to Joseph, when you dedicate some time to Pilates and working towards mastering these 6 fundamentals it will ultimately help ”develop the body uniformly, correct wrong postures, restore physical vitality, invigorate the mind and elevate the spirit”.

Book a private Pilates class below

Schedule a private, 50-minute class. Perfect when just starting out and learning the Pilates method, when working on advanced techniques, or anything between!

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Book a Group Equipment class below

BEGINNERS Group Equipment classes: These Classes are tailored to participants who are new to Pilates or are looking for a slower paced session. Stability and control are the key skills taught here. This class provides the tools for you to learn how to strengthen your core and keep you functioning pain free in your daily life activities.

INTERMEDIATE Group Equipment Classes: These classes are tailered to the more seasoned Pilates student who is looking to challenge themselves with a higher level of technique and flow. These classes are taughter at a quicker pace where precision and strength are the focus.

Please note that all new members to Flex Wellness will need to complete an intake form and waiver prior to arrival. A waiver and intake form are only required once per year.

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