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Find Your Way to Wellness

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To Balance Your Mind,
Body, and Soul

For Beginners and Experts
Our Studio

A Simple Space Surrounded by Rocky Mountain Beauty

Clean & Spacious

Space for Movement and Mindful Enthusiast of ALL sorts, be it Yoga, Meditation or Pilates.

Modern Equipment

Our Pilates Equipment is designed based on Classical and Archival Forms from the fine work of Pilates Architects.

Transit Access

In addition to our free parking the ROAM bus is just steps away.

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Mountain Views

The beautiful Rocky Mountains are right at our doorstep.

Your Wellness. Your Way.

  • Wellness means different things to different people but it can be defined simply as the choices, actions and lifestyles that promote health and well-being. Wellness is an active pursuit, not a static state, but that doesn't mean there's only one path to achieving it.

    At Flex Wellness we believe in providing a variety of opportunities for our customers to achieve meaningful and sustainable wellness in an accessible way. Whether you choose pilates, yoga, meditation, outdoor adventure, or a combination of them all, know that our goal is to help you achieve your wellness, your way.

  • Pilates is a part of a grand picture that, yes, does help teach proper breathing techniques, helps with body alignment and body mechanics but it also alleviates pain, it heals and ultimately it brings more pleasure and enjoyment in one’s life. As Joseph Pilates puts it “Change happens through movement and movement heals”!

  • Our mission is to share our love of Pilates and Fitness and to challenge you to rethink what movement means to you. Our challenge is there to only help guide you, inspire you, motivate you and above all help you find enjoyment and confidence! “Everyone is the architect of their own happiness” Joseph Pilates.

From Our Clients
  • Catherine Scott

    02 February 2024
    I visited Flex Pilates when travelling to Canmore. Tamara was excellent to train with. I enjoyed her style of teaching. I look forward to seeing her again!
  • Cindy H

    24 November 2021
    Tammera is amazing and I thoroughly enjoy our sessions! Not only are the sessions challenging but also thoroughly enjoyable. I find her style engaging, informative, and encouraging. I always leave feeling great and uplifted (which has been a great way to start or break up a work day!)
Brands and Partners

We only work with high quality equipment to ensure the best possible experience in our studio.

Pilates Architects

We proudly support Canadian businesses wherever possible, including our primary equipment supplier Pilates Architects.

Meet the Pilates Architects

Meet the Architects, Andi and Vic Javeri

After two training programs and teaching in her own studio, Andi noticed the strong need for evolving equipment with the changing industry. Her brilliant husband Vic, an avid woodworker, saw this as an opportunity for them to combine their skills and passions. The Pilates Architects were born!

"We strive to create community in our work any way we can. In sourcing local materials we create relationships with vendors, and in selling to our clients we make lasting connections with our clients. Taking clientele through the build process of their own equipment allows a deeper, possibly richer understanding of the work and passion that goes into it.”

Andi Javeri NCPT Owner/Teacher