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Find YOUR DEEP Connection

In this 12-Class Journey We'll Take You from Pilates Fundamentals to Real-World Adventure.

Join us for a 12-class Pilates Program where you will learn to connect with your body and deepen your understanding of how your body moves.

Test these new found skills on a tour of Rats Nest Cave, one of Canada's deepest caves!

  • The goal of this Pilates Program is to encourage commitment and accountability to help you achieve your goals!

    This Program takes you on a journey to discover your DEEP core strength. At the end of the program, we will take you on a journey DEEP into the earth where you will move your body through a world unlike any other.

    Canmore Cave Tours is a Wild Cave Tour through Rats Nest Cave. There are no paved paths, no lights or handrails. This is the real deal where you can test out your newfound strength. Pilates teaches you about body awareness and supportive body movement. What better place to see what you can do in action then in a cave! In the cave you will crawl, climb, slide, and maybe squeeze but only if you want to!

  • Our Pilates program and caving adventure comes with a few limitations, so to ensure the best experience of everyone involved, this program will be open to the following:

    • The studio space is limited to 3 people per program;
    • Adults (age 18+) are welcome to join the program;
    • Because of the caving component, if pregnant, it is limited to the first (12 week) trimester only;
    • We also encourage you to consult with your physician before participating in any activity outside your norm; and,
    • All participants must fill out the Flex Wellness Waiver and Intake form as well as the Canmore Cave Tours Waiver form.
  • (Note: The cave tour will take place after the program is concluded on Sunday, February 26, 2023)


Starting January 16, 2023
Mon & Wed: 9-9:50 AM

Running from January 16 to February 22, 2023.  You will be refreshed and raring to go with the rest of your day after moving with us in our Monday and Wednesday 9 am Morning Classes.

12 Classes


plus GST


Starting January 16, 2023
Mon & Wed: 10-10:50 AM

Running from January 16 to February 22, 2023.  You will find yourself awake and ready to start your day after moving with us in our Monday and Wednesday 10am Morning Classes.

12 Classes


plus GST
Good to Know

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the cave tour an extra cost?

The caving experience is a complimentary congratulations on completing the Pilates Program.  The package cost includes the cost of the caving tour.  No extra cost will be incurred.

When will I go caving?

The caving trip will take place after the program is concluded on Sunday February 26 (8:45am).  However, you must attend all the class and participate as best as you can in order to join the caving trip! This helps you stay committed!

What should I expect about the cave and the caving trip

The hike up to the cave is about 40 mins up the side of Grotto Mountain.  The distance covered is about 1 km with an elevation gain of 200 m.  It will be a winter hike so dress accordingly!  You will require your own vehicle to and from the cave office to the trail head.  The trail head is only 5 minutes down highway 1A towards Exshaw.

The caving experience is in Rats Nest Cave which is a wild cave tour.  There are no paved paths, no lights and no handrails.  You will experience climbing, sliding, and crawling over very uneven terrain and possibly squeezing (only if you want too!). The cave is 5 degrees Celsius so you will need to dress warmly as well.  However, your winter coat and winter pants (if you wore them up the trail) will not be needed inside the cave since you will be quite active as you move through the cave.  Besides 5 degrees will feel balmy compared to the winter temperature outside!

Please see Canmore Cave Tours site for more detailed information.

What do I need to bring with me caving?

For the hike up to the cave in winter you will need to dress appropriately (winter outdoor hiking attire). 

For the cave experience you need to bring warm clothing (long pair of pants, long sleeve shirt and if you run on the cold side a sweater), sturdy closed toe good treaded footwear (ideally winter boots for the time of year we will be going) and your own food and water. 

Canmore Cave Tours provides the backpack, safety ropes, harness, helmet, headlamp, coveralls, knee pads and gloves.  The backpack will be shared by 2 people and will not go into the cave.

So, noting that last bit, you will not be bringing your water into the cave so make sure you are well hydrated prior to going underground.  Also, there are no bathrooms in the cave.  You will need to make sure to use the “Facili-TREES” on the hike up or the bathroom back at the cave office.  So keeping hydrated may mean to hold off on the coffee you typically drink during the morning and stick to good old fashion H2O.

Please see Canmore Cave Tours site for more detailed information.

Will Pilates prepare me for my caving adventure?

Absolutely!! That’s why we are taking you on a complimentary caving trip once you complete the program! 

Pilates improves your strength, your body awareness, your posture and helps to decrease body pain.  You’ll find yourself moving better and more efficiently in your daily life tasks and your active life goals!  Along with your new found hobby, CAVING! ;)

What about the Pilates Classes?

Information of the 2 day per week classes are shown above.  As for information about what Pilates is, please see Flex Wellness Pilates for information regarding Pilates.

Learn more about Pilates on the Pilates Page

Scroll down to the bottom for the Frequently Asked Questions and Information on What Is Pilates!